Bulk Orders

Massive orders might be restrictive in most places but not at Coin Dealings. We believe in making the whole crypto buying and selling process supremely effortless and easy for you. Hence we not only allow you to place bulk orders but we also execute them at an exemplary speed. The idea is very simple- the more trades you make, more rewards you get and the more voluminous your trade is, more benefits you are up for reaping.


Fast-Paced Transactions

Markets are quite fast-paced with the price fluctuations being as volatile as changing in seconds. One minute here and there, and that could lead to an unseized opportunity. At Coin Dealings, we ensure to provide our users and edge with faster delivery in times like these. We are driven to provide exactly what we need to grow the DeFi space, i.e, decentralized exchanges that are enabled with the most advanced technology.

Sustainable Transaction Fees

Crypto markets are very dynamic in nature, part of this comes from high gas fees that the users have to pay. This is also one of the most significant barriers that the users face while trading on the crypto fronts. Affordable and sustainable transaction fees are imperative at Coin Dealings. Well, that is exactly what we offer to our investors and you can now easily afford to trade with the most cost-efficient rates on Coin Dealings.


User-Friendly Interface

Since DeFi Summer 2020, DeFi has been growing non-stop, expanding its wings across all verticals. The total value locked has reached an astounding figure of $89 billion in July 2021. All of the revolution that we DeFi is bringing can be scary. But not with Coin Dealings! We have got you covered with the utmost comfort of making a trade with lesser complications.

Scalable Technology

With the constant innovations in the DeFi space, it is all geared up to offer new investment opportunities for anyone across the globe. We have the right technology in place to handle every situation adhering to the market changes and the coming revolutions in the decentralized sphere. We are in full capacitation to embrace new tools and handle high trading volumes without unnecessarily straining any operations.


Air-Tight Security

Cryptocurrency’s promise is to make money and payments universally accessible – to anyone, no matter where they are in the world calls for unbiased and on-point security. Taking it one step forward, Coin Dealings enables air-tight security mechanisms for you to have absolute control over your resources, making it close to impossible for your data to be exposed to unauthorized users, maintaining your data completely protected and unrecognized.


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